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Don Worley has developed a unique style of carving the human face in the caricature motif that not only brings a smile but also an appreciative admiration of his artistic interpretation. Several years ago, he introduced the No-See-Um faces carved with eyes covered with a hat or hair.  This was followed by his Biker Dudes with eyes carved to add character to the Dudes. Then he expanded his repertoire with his Bunkhouse Dudes of Western cowboy faces.

Don’s latest creation series are his “Worley’s Heroes” that are the faces of soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen carved to emphasize the “Heroic Face” of strong character.  Even though still in the caricature style, yet each face is “heroic” in presentation that brings a smile of respect and grateful appreciation for those of the “Greatest Generation” and all those who have served in that honor in loyalty to a higher calling.








This photographic tour is intended to be an introduction to “Heroic Faces” and then go the second step to study each face as a virtual study by imaging the carving process used to shape each face.  Study the facial proportions, angles, planes and shapes of each face, one at a time.  Then study two faces at a time to make comparison assessments of any variances in design. Next, look at the whole gallery as a grouping of Heroic Faces to study the similarities or differences.  Continue the imagination journey by imagining each face as wearing a different outfit, for example, does the sailor’s face fit into the army helmet or the marine face fit into an airman’s goggled leather helmet?  Such a virtual study will enhance the imagination of a carver to “see” the before of a carving project that will guide during the actual carving process. This exercise is comparable to what happens when reading a novel and imagining each character as being the reader living inside the character.  The same experience happens when watching a movie and living within the action of the plot virtually.  Imaging a carving project is to carve it before hand in the mind (virtually) and then watch it come into reality while it is being carved (actually).

The method for carving the Worley style of faces can be viewed at this link: Carve  A Cowboy Dude

This method will work for any male face that a carver would like to use in carving this style of faces.  Once a carver has carved a few of these faces be aware that it becomes addictive as more ideas for future carving projects push the carver to carving more and more.

The journey continues with the lessons each new carving project provides,” Keep carving and carving will keep you carving,” is the carver’s mantra.

Caricature carver and instructor Gerald Sears said, “Still learning, each carving is practice for the next one.”  No truer words were ever spoken to describe the carving experience.  We learn from every carving project and when that project is completed each carver is ready to begin carving another project.  Carving is a learn by doing activity and the more one carves, the better one carves.  Follow Don Worley on the journey of carving the addiction of his Dudes.

Here are photos of Tuskegee Heroes that are added to WORLEY’S HEROES.







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