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Don Worley, the creator of No-See-Ums has created another fun and addictive carving project called “Biker Dudes.”

In an obscure and undisclosed location in Southwest Ohio there is a hole in the wall eating and drinking establishment in a place the locals call Muleskinner Flats where on every Wednesday night, (Hump Day), around supper time until midnight a group of old time motorcycle riders gather.  This is not a gang but is a group of old time Bikers who gather to eat cheap cheese burgers, drink a cold beverage or two and reminisce about their exploits that never happened but still make for a good story. They all follow the one rule, “I will believe your story if you will believe mine.”  It is a motley group of everyday fellows whose day job could be a doctor, mechanic, banker, lawyer, store clerk, minister, farmer, teacher or the neighbor next door or down the street. But come Wednesday night they change into their “Biker Duds” to become simply “Biker Dudes.”  Good folks who love to ride their bikes for the occasional freedom of the open road while dreaming and bragging of the road trip they will take one of these days.

These Biker Dudes have character etched on the wrinkles and craggy lines of their weathered faces that tell of miles and miles of roads traveled and manly deeds done.  Each face tells a story all its own without words and no nonsense. Just a quiet silence that says all that needs to be said.

Biker Dudes are the original creation of carver Don Worley who has captured the essence of the character of Biker Dudes in the faces of these caricature carvings. Biker Dudes, as pictured below will be displayed at the Artistry in Wood Show, October 14 and 15, 2017 at the ballroom of Roberts Centre, exit 50 of Interstate 71 and Route 68 Wilmington, OHIO.  There visitors can meet Don Worley, inquire about how these delightful caricatures are carved and inquire about a class he might teach on these subjects. The Artistry in Wood brochure that each visitor receives upon admission has a map of the locations of the carvers and woodworkers who are displaying and selling their creations at this show.  Look for the name “Don Worley” to find the location of his booth. Study each face in each photo below and listen for the story each face tells to receive a smile to your heart and appreciation for the art of woodcarving by Don Worley.






While not being a full tutorial of step by step progressive steps, the photos below will give a sneak peek into the progression of carving a Biker Dude.  Each dude begins with a two-inch square block by fourteen inches of bass wood sliced in half lengthwise across opposite corners to form two triangular strips.  Each strip will be cut at three and half inch increments to provide eight blanks for carving eight faces. The first photo shows the basic outline of a sawed out blank approximately three and half inches long with the side tabs representing the ears being an inch in length beginning an inch and half from the top and an inch from the bottom.  The second photo shows a notch cut under the nose and gives another view of how the blank looks. The third photo shows the face blank upside down to accommodate the carving of the nostrils using a number nine gouge. The remaining photos show progression towards the completed carving noting that some of the steps are not represented in this time lapsed advancement.






Don Worley is available to teach a class on how to carve Rider Dudes that will take the students through the step by step procedure for learning to carve the first of many Rider Dudes because once a carver starts with one the journey continues to carve more and more of these fun projects.  Don teaches at the local Woodcraft Store, Buckeye Round Up, Indiana Carving Summer Camp and has taught for the Ashland Carving Club, Miami Valley Carving Club, Eastern Woodland Carving club and Dayton Carvers.  Contact Don at deworley429@gmail.com  with your questions about classes or Biker Dudes.


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