Rule Of Three

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The RULE OF THREE for facial and body proportions is a way to see a human figure in a block of wood before and during the carving process.

Facial Proportions are divided into thirds by using the following formula: Hairline to Eyebrow is one third; Eyebrow to Bottom of Nose is one third; Bottom of Nose to Bottom of Chin is one third.

The ear sits on the back half of the head in the middle third of the face – the Eyebrow to Bottom of the Nose third. The top of ear is in line with the eyebrow and the bottom of the ear is in line with the bottom of the nose.

The bottom third of the face or the area between the nose and the chin is divided into thirds: Nose to Top Lip is one third; Top Lip to Indention between bottom lip and chin is one third; Indention to Chin is one third.


Body proportions are also determined by using the RULE OF THREE below the head in the following formula: Shoulder to Waist is one third; Waist to Mid Knee is one third and Mid Knee to Bottom of Feet is one third.

The body is widest at the shoulders whose width is determined by the RULE OF THREE in that at the shoulders the body is Three Head Widths Wide.