DON WORLEY Carves “Dudes on Steroids”

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Don Worley is a carving friend to many within the carving family, having been the long time chairman of the Dayton Artistry in Wood and has participated in carving shows in Ohio, Indiana and the old Dollywood Carving Show.  His outgoing and fun loving personality is reflected in his caricature carving as well as his friendship.

Don Worley carves in a delightful and whimsical style that is not only eye catching but is also instructive in an inspirational manner.  Years ago, he introduced his “No-See-Ums” that became a favorite carving project among carvers ~    Recently he introduced his “Biker Dudes” that had the same appeal to carvers both in classes he taught and those who followed his self-published book.  He continues to let his imagination run free as his Dudes take on new personality and character. He carved another round of new edition dudes that were highlighted in “Dudes Carved” posting in this blog in December.

The Photo Gallery below is of his latest “DUDES On Steroids” ~

Don Worley’s  latest editions of Dudes are delightful and full of character and show what happens to a carver’s addiction to creative carving pursuit by not being able to help yourself ~ you just got to carve at the direction of imagination on steroids.  Don says his “imagination motivation” is one idea leading to another and another and another.

Don continues to say, I keep my eyes open for pictures that show expressions, wrinkles, smiles, beards, mustaches, and eyes. Editorial cartoons can sometimes provide ideas. The cowboy pattern came from a picture that a carving friend gave me. It may have been on a Leanin Tree postcard. It’s fun to carve these bad boys with different expressions and maybe a crooked mustache. I may use only the eyes from one picture and the smile from another. While carving my first one I see some things that would work for the next one. It’s like watching puffy clouds and figuring out what they look like. No wonder that I am hooked. “Imagination motivation” of one idea leading to another and another and another.


After tracing the profile pattern on the back of the triangular block I remove unwanted wood using my band saw using a holding jig but this could be done with a knife. Using the face template to locate the nose, eyes and ears make it easy to start carving this “Cowboy Dude”.


Left photo above is of the carved Cowboy Dude.  Right photo is of template and drawn pattern.

Left photo shows pattern drawn on block. Right photo shows rear view of the profile.

Left photo shows template pattern laid across the front of triangle block. Right photo shows the face penciled in.

Left photo shows the face half carved to compare with the Right photo of the cowboy dude carved completely.

Don Worley has become addicted, so to speak, with carving these “Dudes” with an inner compulsion to carve another one and another and another one just for his own enjoyment.  In doing so, he is demonstrating a common experience that many wood carvers experience in the adage, “Woodcarving is the journey more than the destination.”  The “journey” being the actual joy in the process and act of carving a project.  The “destination” would be the completed carved project which pushes that inner creative urge to carve another one just alike the one completed with some minor adjustments and innovations.  The end result of this “journey of carving enjoyment” is a whole new collection of characters that says “the journey was a wild ride and when do we ride again?”

These latest Dudes are all great pieces and will be an encouragement to any who view them and are inspired to carve their own interpretation of “DUDES.” Thanks, Don Worley for your creativity and carving style that are reflections of your own “inner Dude.”



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