DUDES CARVED by Don Worley

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Don Worley carves in a delightful and whimsical style that is not only eye catching but is also instructive in an inspirational manner.  Years ago, he introduced his “No-See-Ums” that became a favorite carving project among carvers ~    Recently he introduced his “Biker Dudes” that had the same appeal to carvers both in classes he taught and those who followed his self-published book.

He has become addicted, so to speak, with carving these “Dudes” with an inner compulsion to carve another one and another and another one just for his own enjoyment.  In doing so, he is demonstrating a common experience that many wood carvers experience in the adage, “Woodcarving is the journey more than the destination.”  The “journey” being the actual joy in the process and act of carving a project.  The “destination” would be the completed carved project which pushes that inner creative urge to carve another one just alike the one completed with some minor adjustments and innovations.  The end result of this “journey of carving enjoyment” is a whole new collection of characters that says “the journey was a wild ride and when do we ride again?”

The photo below is of the “Dudes” carved and awaiting the painting to add some color.  Even in their “naked” state without color, the texture of the carved surface is color enough to show off the character and personality of each Dude.  There is value is studying the photographs of the unpainted Dudes with the photograph of the painted Dudes to gain a full appreciation of the Worley art at work in each Dude.  Thanks Don Worley for making woodcarving a fun journey.


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