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Carve along with Don Worley by using his simple follow-along trail of photographs and landmark descriptions for carving Cowboy Dude refrigerator magnets.

Everybody loves Cowboys and carving Cowboy refrigerators magnets are easy and fun to do.

The first thing we need to do is cut some 2” X 2” stock into triangular blocks 4” long.


Next, we put in a Bob Wills or Sons of The Pioneers CD into the player to set the mood.

Using the pattern and templates we are all set to carve some of the most interesting characters.



Left photo # 1 ~ pattern is drawn on back of four inch triangular block. Right photo # 2 ~ profile cut ~ 3/8 inch hole is drilled for magnet.  The magnets are Neodymium 3/8 ” by 1/8″  Rare Earth disk magnets and can be purchased at most hobby centers.

Left photo # 3 ~ using template to lay out face.  Right photo # 4 ~ nose width is established.

Left photo # 5 ~ carving the nose using a # 7 gouge.  Right photo # 6 ~ nostrils made with quarter inch # 9 gouge.


Left photo # 7 ~ nose bridge and eye sockets.  Right photo # 8 ~ horizontal line drawn across eye sockets.

Left photo # 9 ~ push a # 6 or # 7 gouge above and below horizontal line.  Right photo # 10 ~ Remove corner chip and then shape eyeball.

Left photo # 11 ~ Stop cut around face and ears.  Right photo # 12 ~ push back forehead and carve sideburns.

Left photo # 13 ~ draw mustache.  Carve hair coming from under hat.  Right photo # 14 ~ remove wood around face and ears and shape hat.

Some cowboys come with mustaches, bushy sideburns, a full beard, a gold tooth, a crooked smile, expressive eyes and anything else you can imagine.

Left photo # 15 ~ shaping the hat, carve ear details.  Right photo # 16 ~ using small gouge texture mustache and hair.

Left photo # 17 ~ remove wood from behind brim.  Right photo # 18 ~ ready to paint.

Relax and have fun as these Dudes come to life right in front of your eyes.


Black and White study to compare with multicolored painting of Cowboy Dude.

With a little tweaking of the pattern you can create a Firefighter Dude.


A Dude carving may be attached to a plaque board to become a wall hanging or free-standing table ornament.  Or a Wanted Poster may be copied/printed from Google Images as a background for a Cowboy Dude.

A few Cowboy Dude Magnets may be placed on a metal cut out to make a collage of Dudes to show off the variety of carved personalities as in these examples of Biker Dudes.



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