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Renegade Oct. 21-25


HELVIE KNIVES ~ Signature Series

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Series Three

Rich, Holli and Skylar Smithson own and manufacture HELVIE KNIVES that have become very popular and well respected within the carving community.  They make a wide range of carving knives with various handle material and shapes along with blade shapes and sizes.  In their Signature Series they make several knives with blades designed by the WOOD BEE CARVER.  Rich does the wood burning art work on the handles which gives a very distinctive look to excellent carving knives.

HELVIE KNIVES announces additions to the Series # 3 of the Signature Knives with two additional blade shapes to join the original # 3 detail blade..  Series # 3 – 1 is a detail version of the larger Series # 1 Signature knife.  Series # 3 – 2 is a detail version of the larger series # 2 Signature knife with a scimitar blade shape. Read the rest of this entry »



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Three HobbitsThree HobbitsThree HobbitsThree HobbitsThree Gnome WizardsThree Gnome WizardsThree Gnome WizardsThree Gnome WizardsThree SpudsThree SpudsThree SpudsThree Spuds

Three Hobbits, Three Gnome Wizards and Three Spud Characters make up this Trilogy of Three carving exercises.  Every carving project is a learning project.  What is learned in carving the first subject guides the creative subconscious in carving the second and then the first and second combine to create the third project.  While all three are very similar, yet each one is a little different from the other two. Read the rest of this entry »



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Whittle Doodle

The carving pictured to the left came up missing at a recent woodcarving show by a “sleight of hand” purchase of a “display only” carving.  After having posted its being missing on this blog (now deleted) and on Woodcarving Illustrated Forum and Facebook, the person in possession of the carving telephoned and then returned the carving by mail.  Without going into a lot of detail, suffice it to say that the carving is safely home.

Whittle Doodles  carved by the WOOD BEE CARVER as examples of what can be carved using only a knife carving free hand designs.  Whittle Doodles are never for sale other that being donated for woodcarving shows and club’s silent auctions, raffles and fund raising activities. The one in the photos received a blue ribbon at the 2009 CCA Competition and is a less than two inch square block.  It is “priceless” to the artist who is happy to have it back home. Read the rest of this entry »



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Plumber's FriendPlumber/s FriendPlumber's FriendPlumber's Friend

Novelty Carvings follow the Old Carver’s Law: “Leave no wood uncarved.”    In the example in the photographs above, a head of a sea captain is carved on the top of the handle of a plumber’s helper (plunger) and with a roll of toilet paper it becomes a handy bathroom fixture or outhouse novelty.

Scrapper FacesScrapper FacesScrapper FacesScrapper Faces

Scrapper Faces are carved from “scraps of wood” that serve both as a novelty carving and a way to practice carving faces.  Novelty is “for the fun of it” just as carving is basically for fun.  Lets all have more fun by carving a little every day and “the more one carves the better one carves,”  a novelty in itself.


JOHN BURKE – The Memory Continues

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John Burke

The mention of the name of John Burke brings up untold memories in the heart and minds of carvers who have been inspired and influenced by one of the best.  At the 2011 Belleville, IL carving show a memorial display of some of John’s art was presented to honor his memory.  Photographs of that display are shared with this blog by long time carving friend Bob Jager.  So as these photographs are viewed may we all learn again from the creativity of John Burke. Read the rest of this entry »


“Ol’ Don” Burgdorf – A Carving Friend

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Ol' Don Burgdorf

A carving friend to the entire woodcarving community is “Ol’ Don” Burgdorf  who has been a friend as guest of any carver’s inspiration through his “Doodles ‘n Notes for Carvin’ Folks”  and his instructional web site http://artofdon.com .  He has granted permission for some of his intellectual property to be resourced on this blog for instructional purposes.  Under the box on the right column of this blog entitled “BEE HIVE”  and under the title “Ol’ Don Burgdorf Face Study”  are four must read and study tutorials that will benefit anyone who carves faces.  “Ol’ Don” has a very unique way of coming right to the point through his art work and verbal descriptions of teaching lasting lessons. Study and put into practice what he teaches and carved faces will come alive.  Thank you, “Ol’ Don.”



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“Clothes make the man,” is a saying that is helpful for carving caricatures.  Every caricature has a face and that face could fit on many different characters depending upon the clothes and accessories that are carved into the subject.  In the case of these two “Tennis Bums” it is the tennis racket and tennis ball that gives it away that these caricatures are “Tennis Bums.”

Each was carved out of a six inch tall by two inch square block of basswood using only a knife in the Whittle-Carving style of the Wood Bee Carver.  One photo shows one tennis bum carved standing beside a block of basswood into which the second tennis bum will be carved. Read the rest of this entry »