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SANTA’S WORKSHOP was displayed in public only for a few short years between 2002 and 2007 when it was sold to a private collector. The first five photographs displayed here were taken at the 2005 Artistry in Wood Show, Dayton, Ohio.  Ray Kunz was the guiding influence of a small group of carving friends who designed, carved and assembled Santa’s Workshop. Read the rest of this entry »



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CLASS AT WOODCRAFT – January 21, 2012

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January Egg Noggin’ Carving Class with Don Mertz at:  Woodcraft of Dayton, Cross Pointe Centre, 175 E. Alex-Bell Rd., Dayton, OH  45459    Saturday, January 21, 2011 –  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Skill Level:  Beginner.  Class Size:  10.  Tools Required: Carving glove and a carving knife.

Description of class:  Carving a face in a piece of wood is the one area where a lot of carvers have problems. In this class, Don will teach the A-B-C’s of face carving using a basswood egg so that carving a face will never be a problem for you. Don teaches a style of carving called Whittle Folk Art using just a carving knife, and, once you complete this project, you will understand the principles of this whittling style. Don has some tutorials on his web page that will help you prepare for this class. There are also some “Cool Links” for your further study. Visit Don at www.woodbeecarver.com  Don is an accomplished carver and an excellent teacher so this class promises to be a wonderful learning experience and a fun way to spend a Saturday.

Tuition:  $70.00

How to sign up:   You can e-mail Woodcraft of Dayton at dayton-retail@woodcraft.com  or call them at (937) 438-1282.





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The WOOD BEE CARVER is primarily a knife carver who began as a youth using a pocket knife to whittle toys and other play things.  When carving grew into a serious activity it was still the pocket knife that remained the primary carving tool.  Old pocket knives rescued from flea markets were reshaped and sharpened into carving knives.

Following years of trial and error experimenting with various blade shapes one basic shape became the most versatile for practicing the slicing cut.  Thus was born the “Universal Whittle-Carving Knife,”  whose basic design has the back edge of the blade sloping down with a twelve degree angle to meet the cutting edge that gently curves up to meet the back edge at its tip. Read the rest of this entry »


CCA MERIT AWARD – Mike Bloomquist

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MIKE BLOOMQUIST  of Rome, NY received a CCA MERIT AWARD during the Artistry In Wood Show in Dayton, Ohio on November 13, 2011.  Members of the CCA present at the show chose the carvings of Mike as demonstrating the Art of Caricature Carving and as an encouragement for the continuation of this special kind of art.

Pictured left to right in the presentation photograph are CCA Members: Floyd Rhadigan, Joe Schumacher, Bruce Henn, Desiree Hajny, Award Recipient MIKE BLOOMQUIST, Don Mertz, Dave Stetson and Jack Williams.




ARTISTRY IN WOOD – November 12 and 13

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ARTISTRY IN WOOD SHOW  is November 12 and 13.  Over two hundred carvers and woodworkers will be displaying and selling their creations.  Carvings will be entered in competition to reveal some of the best carvings for this year.  Plenty of tool and wood vendors will be available for any carver’s needs.  The WOOD BEE CARVER will be located in booth # 1022 so come by and say “HOWDY.”  If not this year then plan on next year as this show should be on anybody’s “bucket list.”  The Santa holding the “30th Year Artistry in Wood”  sign will be the tree topper on a tree loaded with carved  ornaments.  The tree  is one of the raffle prizes.



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Fifteen students survived a two day Whittle-Carving class preceding the Sauder Village Woodcarving Show  in Northwest Ohio the last week end in October, 2011.  Students in the photograph are Jim Bodette, Jim Dupont, Bettye Jo Hansbarger, Ronald Hathaway, Gene Johnson, Carol Kent, Dot Kohl, Ken Kohl, Gwen Kuenzli, Chris Martin, Roger Martin, Jean McDonald, Kurt Reuynolds, Sanford Taylor, and Frank Yanko. Read the rest of this entry »


CCA MERIT AWARD – John Hoesman

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  John Hoesman was presented a CCA Merit Award at the Sauder Village Woodcarving Show October 29-30, 2011.  John carves a very unique style of caricatures that captures the recognizable likeness of his subjects while at the same time exaggerating realism.

He received this award earlier in 2008 at the Artistry in Wood Show, Dayton, Ohio for his caricature carving of Woody Hayes, Ohio State Football coach. Read the rest of this entry »