AT THE SHOW ~ Artistry in Wood Show that is.

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Pictured above are twenty-one Whittle Dwarfs as part of this Photographic Display of some of the carvings that will be at the WOOD BEE CARVER’s display table at the ARTISTRY IN WOOD Show ~ October 14 and 15, 2017 at the Roberts Centre, Wilmington, OH (Exit 50 on Interstate 71 and Route 68).

The photos below depict Santa Jewelry pins and Pumpkin Face jewelry pins, followed by the novelty Turkey and Santa carved back to back like the “heads and tails” of a coin. (The Turkey/Santa novelty photo shows the progressive steps beginning with paper pattern and continuing through the completed carvings on the bottom row.)



Come visit ARTISTRY IN WOOD Show where over two hundred wood carvers and wood workers will have on display and for sale beautiful works of art in wood.


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