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The BLUES BROTHERS are the latest edition of the WOOD BEE CARVER Signature Series knives made by HELVIE KNIVES.  In the two photos above, the top knife in each photo were the first to be designed and developed.  The BUZZ BEE in the left photo and the BUSY BEE is in the right photo.  Previous postings describing these two knives can be reviewed by clicking on BUZZ 1 and BUZZ 2 and BUZZ 3

Under the BUZZ BEE knife in the left photo above are the second and third variations of the original BUZZ BEE. The middle knife is the BUZZARD BEE and the bottom knife is the BUZZARD BEE 2.  Both are of the same basic design with a rounded nose on the tip end of the knife with one being larger than the other.  All three of these knives are used primarily as roughing out or initial shaping of a carving as will be depicted in illustrative photographs to follow.

First, however, it may be helpful to revisit the process for how a new design is developed.  The WOOD BEE CARVER is primarily a knife carver who continues to come up with design ideas to help in his Whittle-Carving.  The design idea guides in the making of a proto type blade that is inserted into a handle for testing.  During the testing phase the design may be modified to make it more efficient in the slicing process of carving.  Once the proto type has passed the initial testing, the proto type knife along with a pattern of the blade shape is sent to Rich Smithson at HELVIE KNIVES.  Rich makes up a Helvie proto type which is sent back to the WOOD BEE CARVER for continued testing and modification suggestions if warranted. When this phase of testing is completed then HELVIE KNIVES will make the new knife available to be produced and marketed through the website of HELVIE KNIVES under the Signature Series Knives ~ Donald Mertz name.

The next series of photographs will illustrate the use of the BUZZARD BEE and BUZZARD BEE 2 being used in the initial shaping or roughing out phase of carving.  The first photo on the left shows a block of basswood with a proto type of the Buzzard Bee 2 knife in an adjustable handle and a Helve proto type of the Buzzard Bee that were used to shape the figure to the right.  Initial testing of the Buzzard Bee suggested that one a little larger would be useful which dictated the Buzzard Bee 2 proto type.

In the second photo on the right all three knives are illustrated in the initial shaping of a Santa face. The design of the Buzz Bee and Buzzard Bee knives allows for the rounded nose of the tip of the blade to be use as much as the longer cutting-edge back of the nosed shape tip.


The four photos below illustrate the BUZZARD BEE 2 proto type being used in various positions of separating the legs and feet of a six-inch-tall figure in the initial shaping phase of carving.



While the BUZZ BEE and the BUZZARD BEE knives are very versatile in being able to shape the initial stages of a carving project using all surfaces of the cutting-edge, yet in order to do detail and finesse finish carving the BUSY BEE and BUSY BEE 2 are the other side of the carving process coin.  In the photos below the one of the left illustrate the blades of the BUSY BEE (long blade) and the BUSY BEE 2 (short blade). The photo on the right illustrates those two knives having been used to detail the Santa face and the holly on the hat.

The long blade of the BUSY BEE is versatile in exercising the lever and fulcrum physics principle in that the business end of the blade is the front end of the blade from the tip back to middle of the blade length.  This business end of the long blade equals the area of the business end of the shorter blade of the BUSY BEE 2.  With the longer blade the fulcrum point is towards the front portion of the blade increasing the maneuverability of the cutting action of the blade as well as a longer reach. This longer blade was used to make the dished-out waves of the hair and beard as the business end of the blade was sliced and rolled at the same time in a forward slicing motion. The tip end can also be used for making detail cuts in hard to reach spaces.  The shorter blade of the BUSY BEE 2 has a little different “feel” of cutting action as its fulcrum point is closer to the handle and approaches the slicing cuts with a different kind of maneuverability.  Both knives are good detail carving knives and each one can stand alone and yet complement each other.

The photograph below on the left shows a BUZZARD BEE on the left side of Santa face to illustrate the knife that did the basic shaping of the Santa form and a BUSY BEE 2 on the right of Santa that was used to carve the detail of the holly, the eyes and the beginning of the hair, mustache and beard detail.  The photo on the right shows the two Santa carvings as they appear as completed carvings.

Each of these Blue handled knives offer a choice as to the size, shape and function of a versatile and unique carving knife.

Contact HELVIE KNIVES at 765-675-8811 with any questions and to order knives.


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