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 Jim Hecker of Elk River, MN and I have been carving friends since 2009 when we met at the International Woodcarver Congress in Iowa and have shared a common bond of friendship through carving activities ever since. He has mastered his own style of Flat Plane carving into what I call the “Hecker Style.”

Most recently Jim gifted me on my 80th birthday with a likeness of the Wood Bee Carver that is showcased in the photo gallery that follows:



Jim also can be credited with coining the phrase CARVE DIEM (aka “carve the day”) which is an encouragement to all carvers to make a day complete through carving.   More of the Hecker Style can be viewed by clicking on Whittling Jim Hecker and on Hecker Style. 

Thank you Jim for your friendship and you gift to the carving family of the Hecker Style ~ CARVE DIEM



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