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My good friend, Jim Hecker, continues to advance his style of carving through his journey of carving. This photographic journey of some of his recent carvings illustrates the winsome appeal in the facial features and body pose of his signature carvings of his creations he calls simply “Shorty” carvings. That same style is repeated in the carving of a figure called “Boss” and a cowboy bust. Take a look to admire the intricacy of the clean cuts with simply detailed lines of the design of each little figure that spells the “HECKER STYLE.”


Hecker short stuff Hecker short stuffHecker short stuff IMG_0999HECKER SHORTYHECKER SHORTYHecker shortyHecker Shorty Hecker Shorty Hecker Shorty Hecker shorty carvings Hecker shorty carvings Hecker shorty carvings Hecker BossHecker Boss Hecker Boss Hecker Boss HECKER COWPOKEHECKER COWPOKEHECKER COWPOKEHECKER COWPOKE





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