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The “Shorties” above are two and half-inch tall creations of Whittling Jim Hecker.  Jim is a carving friend who lives in Elk River, MN.  We first met at the International Congress of Woodcarving in 2009 and have maintain mutual friendship through emails, Facebook, two more meeting at International Congress and a couple of times in conjunction with the Dayton Artistry in Wood show.

The “Shorties” above are examples of how Jim has been sharpening his carving skills through his regular carving activities, teaching in his home area, and participating in carving seminars.  He has honed his carving interests with a flat planed style of carving of small figures and the subjects of his teaching projects.  In fact, he has developed his own interpretation of flat plane carving as there are a variety of styles that use that term.  The photos of some of his creations in this blog’s photographic gallery provide a visual study of style, creativity and pose in these delightful carvings. The pristine clean cuts of the carving knife and the soft and subtle coloring finishes each carving into an attractive whimsical work of art. Each has unique expressive personalities in facial features and body pose. Study the “Shorties” pictured above and the ones below to discover their inviting whimsy.


The next four photographs are close up studies of the facial features of four “Shorties” with expressive looks on their face.

The next three photos introduce “Hecker’s Hikers” with a little different look of the gnome genre.



Next is “Grimsrud Guy” in memory of a carving friend Dick Grimsrud who inspired Whittling Jim with carving encouragement friendship.


Whittling Jim coined the phrase “CARVE DIEM” (which means “Carve the Day” ) and as a final example of the CARVE DIEM activity of Whittling Jim, the last two photos are of the quick and easy and yet eye catching whittled five-minute owl.  Owls are wise because they ask the question “Who – Who” and it is the “wise guys” who carve that have a wisdom of their own. Be as wise as an owl and a sharp as Whittling Jim.


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