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Don Worley has developed a large family of Dudes that have been popular at carving shows with collectors and carvers who use them as go-bys for carving caricature faces.   He is providing a valuable service to his students and fellow carvers who want to carve his inspired Dude Faces on triangle blocks.


The Photo Galley below of CUTOUTS and DUDES gives a complete description of the custom-made cutouts Don Worley has created.


These cutouts make it convenient and easy for carvers to carve their own who do not have access to a band saw. He has customized these cut outs for each variety of Dude Faces at a reasonable price to be available at his class at the ( Click on) BUCKEYE ROUND UP (July 21 – 24) or by mail delivery.

The carving techniques and how-to instructions can be found in Worley’s book on “Carving Biker Dudes” and by clicking on CARVING COWBOY DUDES and WORLEY’S HEROES.

Contact Don via email at ~ deworley429@gmail.com  for any questions about his class at Buckeye Round Up, purchase his book or to order Cutouts at a cost of $20 for 3 cutouts with free shipping within the USA.

Here are photos of Railroader Engineers carved recently by Don Worley.



Here is a photo of more Railroad Engineers along with the Wood Bee Carver inserted into the photo.


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