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Don Worley carves very unique caricature faces that are good study faces.  He calls these magnet face carvings “Biker Dudes,” who were introduced in an earlier posting: “Carving Biker Dudes by Don Worley”.  The next two photos are of more of Worley’s creations for study and to see them in person ~ Don will have them available at the Dayton Artistry in Wood Show, October 13 and 14, 2018 at the Roberts Centre, Wilmington, OH.




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Don Worley, the creator of No-See-Ums has created another fun and addictive carving project called “Biker Dudes.” Read the rest of this entry »



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CLIFFORD J. REEDER 6/26/21 ~ 6/26/17

Cliff Reeder was a good carving friend to many woodcarvers in the Cincinnati, Ohio area being a long-time member of the Cincinnati Carvers Guild.  It was at a Cincinnati Carving show in the mid 1980’s that our mutual friendship developed and it is with deep respect and appreciation to remember Cliff who ended his life’s journey on his ninety sixth birthday. In his twilight years, he dedicated his carving activities to carving Eagle Canes for wounded veterans as is beautifully highlighted by clicking on Clifford J. Reeder. (Long Memories, LLC) Read the rest of this entry »


FULL MOON ~ Simple Beauty in Art

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                                                     Mieczyslaw Wojtkowski FULL MOON

Art and music are the universal language spoken without words and yet understood with a sense of wonder and needs no interpretation.  Such was the case when the WOOD BEE CARVER first viewed a photograph of a bas relief carving entitled “FULL MOON” and carved by an artist from Poland, Mieczyslaw Wojtkowski. Click on his name to go to his blog to be amazed at an array of beauty in a variety of sculpture art including relief, in the round and chain saw works of art. An award winning artist whose art speaks to all languages without translation even though his blog can be translated from his native Polish into the reader’s language. Read the rest of this entry »



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                                dale kirkpatrick

Dale Kirkpatrick is a very talented carver who takes on challenging projects in order to challenge himself to do his best while improving as he does so.  He carves a variety of subjects and may be best known for carving wooden thread spools. Read the rest of this entry »


ED REDWINE ~ Carving Friend

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ed redwine santa heads  ed redwine chip

Some of the best friends we woodcarvers discover are those within the carving community who carve interesting and eye catching creations that brings a kindred appreciation to the carver who exercised their creative endeavors. Recently Ed Redwine became a friend on the social network of Facebook in that the Wood Bee Carver was intrigued with a couple of photographs of Ed’s carving activity pictured above. Read the rest of this entry »



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Robert Soderholm is a carving friend from Williamsburg, Virginia. We met several years ago when he was a student in a couple of classes I taught and have kept in touch at a distance. Most recently we visited again at the Dayton Artistry in Wood Show in 2015 and he shared with me his love for carving small carvings that have “FUN” written all over them. These two photos of the fun facial expressions carved in each face are offered here to encourage other carvers to have fun carving faces in a small format. These novelty carvings offer challenging fun projects to set the carver’s imagination and creativity free to discover a variety of facial expressions that one can carve. And they are fun gifts of friendship and encouragement to give to spread the joy of carving friendship.

The WOOD BEE CARVER often says, “Every carving project is a learning project, every carving is a practice carving project and the only way one learns to carve is to carve.” The only way one learns to carve faces is to carve faces over and over again. Soderholm is showing us a fun way and may we all follow his way by carving fun, small faces with a variety of facial expressions.  Thank you Robert for your inspiration and your friendship to the carving family.



SPOOLS BY Dale Kirkpatrick

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Dale Kirkpatrick

Dale Kirkpatrick is a master at carving wooden thread spools and has a great variety to view by visiting  SPOOLS

Dale is a versatile carver and is a carving friend who in an inspiration for carving ideas.  Thanks Dale.