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BEE HIVE ~ A Place to Visit

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Visit the BEE HIVE to read the entry entitled “THE JOURNEY” which tells of a chance meeting between Keith Morrill (pictured above teaching Larry Piety at the 2007 CCA Seminar in Converse, IN) and Elma Waltner, the author of the pioneering book CARVING ANIMAL CARICATURES. (pictured above.) Read the rest of this entry »



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The Organ Grinder Man and his Monkey were carved for the “1930’s Street Scene” CCA book a few years ago.  It is a picture of an earlier time when street musicians would gather a crowd of passerby’s who would stop to listen to the music and delight in the antics of the monkey as he made his way through the crowd collecting coins in his cup. Life was simpler then and life was hard and yet there was always a bit of music and monkey shines to take the hard edge off one’s troubles.  As you view the Organ Grinder and Monkey in these photographs below may you hear the music and dance with the monkey on the street corner of your mind. Read the rest of this entry »



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pirate                          2016 AIW

The pirate was carved as a “trade piece” carving as part of the Annual Meeting of the Caricature Carvers of America.  This year’s Annual Meeting takes place as part of the Dayton Artistry in Wood Show on Labor Day weekend at the new location of Roberts Centre near Wilmington, Ohio. Read the rest of this entry »



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Stetseon - PrescottMallet

Dave Stetson posted the photo above on Facebook saying:  …missing Steve Prescott, my best friend in woodcarving…when we first met in Monument, CO, National Carvers Museum, 1989, we carved these from one of my cutouts, dipped them in his sanding sealer, photographed them and traded…became the cover for an old issue of the Mallet magazine. Read the rest of this entry »


CCA MERIT AWARD ~ Recent Recipients

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Caricature Carvers of America Merit Awards are presented by any CCA Members who participates in a carving show and recognizes a carver who demonstrates the characteristics of advancing Caricature Carving as an art form through their carving display. Below are photographs of recent Merit Award Presentations.

Mike Whitter CCA Merit Award Northe Alabama show            Jean McDonald 1

Steve Brown presents CCA Merit Award to Mike Whitter at the North Alabama Carving Show, Huntsville, AL. in the first photo and in the second photo Don Mertz presents the CCA Merit Award to Jean MacDonald at the Sauder Village Carving Show, Archbold, OH Read the rest of this entry »


JEAN McDonald ~ CCA Merit Award

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                          Jean McDonald 1

Jean McDonald of Liberty Center, Ohio was presented with a Caricature Carvers of America Merit Award at the Sauder Village Woodcarving Show in Archbold, Ohio on October 24, 2015. The CCA Merit Award is presented by a CCA Member to a carver who demonstrates the qualities of caricature carving as an art form. The vast variety of caricature carvings gracing Jean’s display table at the woodcarving show demonstrates her creative ability. Jean has been a student of a variety of carving instructors and is extending her carving talents by teaching wood carving seminars at the John C. Campbell School in North Carolina. Congratulations to Jean upon receiving this well-deserved recognition as a caricature carver.

Jean McDonald 3Jean McDonald 2


CCA Competition Winners

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Visit to see the 2015 winning carvings in the Caricature Carvers of America Competition ~ there are some outstanding carvings and a lot of inspiration depicted in each photo that can be seen as a slide show as well as a full page presentation of the names of carvers with their carving photographs.


BUTT OF A JOKE ~ Achilles Heel Exposed

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Butt Armor                    Butt Armor

Ryan Olsen, a fellow CCA Member and a carving friend had an unfortunate accident earlier this year in that he dropped a carving knife while putting his tools in the passenger seat of the car. That dropped knife wedged itself between the seat and back of the driver’s seat. Unbeknownst to him, Ryan sat down in the seat whereby the point of the carving knife was driven into his buttock. The puncture wound healed quickly but the mental picture of such an accident could not go unpunished in that Ryan became the “butt of a joke” with a humorous carving given to him at the Annual Meeting of the CCA. The “Achilles Heel” in Ryan’s armor is depicted in the position of the knife working its way between the armor and coat of mail.  Ryan is a good sport and champions the humor in an accident that gave him a point of reference about safely transporting carving tools.  Thanks Ryan for your good humor.

Butt Armor                     Butt Armor