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The Organ Grinder Man and his Monkey were carved for the “1930’s Street Scene” CCA book a few years ago.  It is a picture of an earlier time when street musicians would gather a crowd of passerby’s who would stop to listen to the music and delight in the antics of the monkey as he made his way through the crowd collecting coins in his cup. Life was simpler then and life was hard and yet there was always a bit of music and monkey shines to take the hard edge off one’s troubles.  As you view the Organ Grinder and Monkey in these photographs below may you hear the music and dance with the monkey on the street corner of your mind.

organ-grinder-002                        organ-grinder-003organ-grinder-004                        organ-grinder-005organ-grinder-006                        organ-grinder-007

May viewing this Organ Grinder and Monkey in these photographs spark imagination to appreciate again what once was and can be again in the appreciation of life’s little pleasures.  Oh, by the way, carving is one of life’s little pleasures so BEE CARVEFUL.

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