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Stetseon - PrescottMallet

Dave Stetson posted the photo above on Facebook saying:  …missing Steve Prescott, my best friend in woodcarving…when we first met in Monument, CO, National Carvers Museum, 1989, we carved these from one of my cutouts, dipped them in his sanding sealer, photographed them and traded…became the cover for an old issue of the Mallet magazine.

In honor and in memory of Steve Prescott, present day members of the Caricature Carvers of America are carving a Stetson cutout and will exchange busts at the CCA Annual Meeting on September 2 in conjunction with the Dayton Artistry in Wood Show at the Roberts Centre near Wilmington, Ohio.  It was following that initial meeting between Dave and Steve that the idea of founding the CCA began and in 1990 CCA became a reality.  For twenty six years the CCA members have consistently advanced caricature carving as a recognized art form through its various book projects, seminars, annual mail in competition and maintaining a website at www.cca-carvers.org.

The WOOD BEE CARVER carved a Stetson cowboy bust as depicted in the various views in the photos below.

 cowboy bust cowboy bust  cowboy bust  cowboy bust cowboy bust  cowboy bust                        cowboy bust

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