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Visit the BEE HIVE to read the entry entitled “THE JOURNEY” which tells of a chance meeting between Keith Morrill (pictured above teaching Larry Piety at the 2007 CCA Seminar in Converse, IN) and Elma Waltner, the author of the pioneering book CARVING ANIMAL CARICATURES. (pictured above.)

The BEE HIVE, located on the extreme right hand column of the Home page of this blog is a library of instructional and informative PDF documents that can be printed as well as read on this blog.  The latest addition is a delightful story of a serendipity meeting between Keith Morrill (Caricature Carver of America Emeritus Member) and Elma Waltner, author of a classic and pioneering woodcarving book entitled CARVING ANIMAL CARICATURES in October, 1974.  “The JOURNEY” found in the BEE HIVE tells this delightful and memorable story.

Elma and her brother Willard were free lanced authors who wrote and photographed arts and crafts related articles and books  in the early 1950’s. It was not until the mid 1970’s when Harold Enlow published several caricature woodcarving books which opened the door for the growth of many other woodcarving authors to add to the growing popularity of woodcarving with growing carving clubs, carving shows and carving seminars.

CARVING ANIMAL CARICATURES was published in 1951 with subsequent editions published in years to follow.  Many carvers have carved “Homer Hound” dog caricatures without realizing their origin as coming from Elma’s pioneering book.  Some carvers got their first start in carving animals using Elma’s book which is still available on Amazon. Pictured below is “The Fox” an original animal caricature carving by Elma that she gave to Keith during the interview in 1974 as well as a page from her book.  See more by visiting “THE JOURNEY” located in the BEE HIVE.
























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