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The first Cy Clone was carved in 2011 that was followed by carving the “Cloning of Cy” with stairstep clones from six inches tall down to miniature. Cy Clone is actually a variation of a nick name often given to a person who is quiet, never gets in a hurry, never excited and in a contemplative thoughtful appearance.  Nick names are often given in direct opposite to the characteristic of the person receiving the nick name as in nick naming a heavy-set man by calling him “Tiny.” The chief characteristics of Cy Clone is his relaxed contemplative posture and his hands laced together behind him.





The next series of photographs depict the progressive development of the carving of Cy using a six inch tall by inch and three quarter inch square block of basswood being carved in the Whittle-Carving style of knife carving.  The first stage in to carve the hat and head portion of the block to the basic form.  Next is to divide the length of the block from the shoulders to the base into three equal sections to indicate the Rule of Three for Body Proportions ~ Shoulder to Waist, Waist to Mid Knees, Mid Knees to Bottom of Feet.  Within these horizontal lines the body parts are drawn proportionally to guide the basic form carving step.



The next series of photos illustrate the repeated slicing cuts used to carve away the negative space between the legs as well as the shaping of the pant legs toward appropriate size.  Notice also the progressive development in the form as the carving process slices towards a refined design. Ninety per cent of the carving process is the carving the basic form with the final ten percent being the refining detail carving cuts.  The basic form becomes a good foundation in which to make the final detail cuts.




Complete the visual tour by going back to the colored photographs at the beginning of posting to fill in the gap of the effect of the details that were carved. Artist oil paint thinned with boiled linseed oil were used for the polychrome coloring following by protective finish of Deft brushing lacquer.

The 2011 original postings can be viewed by clicking on CY CLONE and CLONING OF CY CLONE.






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