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Cy Clone was carved a few weeks ago along with two partially carved examples for comparison purposes.  Since that initial carving journey it became a challenge to “clone” Cy into additional figures of different sizes than the original six inch tall.  In the photograph Cy is on the left while in the middle is Cy carved to basic form and the Cy on the right has been stained with one color of raw sienna artist oil paint  and boiled linseed oil.  The monochrome of one color is another way to present a carving with the understanding that “texture is color” as well.  The colored Cy on the left and the monochromed Cy on the right each stand on their own while offering a different aesthetic approach to the same carving theme.  The additional “clones” of Cy will all be monochromed in one color with their difference being their size.










Beginning on the left, the first Clone is six inches, next is five inches, next four inches, next three inches, next an inch and three quarters and finally an inch and an eighth. The next series of photographs will be  progressive stages of the three inch Clone for comparison purposes.  The final photographs will be of the two miniatures which were done for the “fun of it” to see if it could be done.

It should also be noted that each figure was carved using the Rule of  Three of  Body Proportions: Shoulder to Waist is one third; Waist to Mid Knees is one third and Mid Knees to Bottom of Feet is one third.  The Rule of Three can be applied to any size figure as an easy way to maintain proportions.












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