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Using the shape of a pumpkin to carve representative human facial features is a good way to practice carving a variety of faces in the fun novelty of a pumpkin head jewelry pin.  The earlier pumpkin faces were introduced in a 2016 posting Pumpkin Faces Carved in Wood.

Ten new pumpkin faces were carved to join the four remaining from the 2016 batch as can be determined by the difference in the color of orange on the top row of the four pumpkins in the photo above.  Orange is a fun color that is a combination of red and yellow with the shade determined by which one of those colors is predominate. Speaking of “orange” as a trivia fact, there is no other word that rhymes with the word “orange,” so it is correct to say “nothing rhymes with orange.”

The photographic tutorial below shows the progressive steps involved in carving a pumpkin face.  Carving is always an adventure of learning new projects and subtle ways to enhance the ones that follow the first carved project.  We learn by doing and the more one carves the better one carves.  “Keep carving and carving will keep you carving,” sez the Old Carver.




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