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The Kneeling Magi completes the trilogy of the three wise men carvings.  The previous two were standing nine inches tall while the kneeling wise man is six inches tall.

The photo above illustrates the Three Magi for comparison of proportion which follow the Rule of Three for Body Proportions ~ Shoulder to Waist, Waist to Mid Knees and Mid Knees to Bottom of Feet.  This means that with a kneeling figure the length of the knee to bottom of feet is the same as knee to of back of hip as the leg is bent.  The photos that follow immediately are of the finished carving.





The next series of photos are of the progress stages of the carving in process beginning with the six inch by three-inch square block of basswood.  The basic form of the head is carved first followed by the basic form of the body posture shaped as it progresses towards finishing with the details. The basic form is refined gradually until that form is ready to apply the finesse of details to complete of overall look of the figure.  As each photo progresses one can observe the development reaching its conclusion.







The Kneeling Magi was Whittle-Carved by using only knives to carve. Artist oil paint thinned with boiled linseed oil was used for the coloring of the finish followed by an application of Deft.

To see the earlier postings of the two previous Wise Men ~ click on MAGI I and then MAGI II.


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