HALF PINT ~ Quaker Meeting Couple

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Quaker Meeting Couple was originally carved with six inch tall figures in a one inch scale finished with a polychrome of oil paint in multiple colors.  Half Pint version is three inch tall in a half inch scale. Half Pint carvings are finished with a monochrome of one color of Raw Sienna artist oil paint to emphasize that texture is color.

The two photos below are of the original Quaker Meeting carvings with a more descriptive presentation can be seen by clicking on Quaker Meeting Link


The four photos below are views of the carvings in progress as carved to basic form with the fifth photo being of the detailed carvings without any finish.



A three inch tall and inch square basswood block was whittle-carved using three John Dunkle knives with reshaped blades. A fourth knife with a reshaped Challenge pocket knife blade with a Round-A-bouT tip was used to carve the lady’s eyes deep under the bill of her bonnet.


The right photo above shows a face practice stick along with the Quaker lady and the knife used to carve the eye underneath the bill of the bonnet.

The cutting edge of the Round-A-bouT blade extends around the round shape of the tip of the blade to create a cutting edge that will make small slicing cuts in tight areas as well as soft stop cuts.  The two photos below show various examples of the Round-A-bouT blades reshaped from old pocket knives blades.  The cutting edge extends around the rounded tip of the blade to offer a cutting edge for making soft slicing facets of sculpturing fashion along with soft stop cuts during the Shape Up stage of the carving process.



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