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“Quaker Meeting” is a nostalgic interpretation of a husband and wife of the Religious Society of Friends or Quakers. Each figure was carved as a single carving and then mounted together on a base for permanent display.

The photos in this gallery begins with the finished presentation in several angles to give a panoramic visual study. The second section of the photographic gallery will be of the progressive stages of the carving of each figure as a visual tutorial of each carving.





The male figure was carved in a basswood block measuring six inches tall and an inch and half square. The female figure was carved is slightly shorter basswood block of similar measurement.  The first photos in this progressive development gallery are together in the beginning stage of carving the basic form of head covering and the head fitting into the head covering. The remaining photos will begin with the female figure to visually follow the progress beginning with basic forms and on to the refining of the forms into their finished presentation.  The male figure will be the second series of progressive step photos towards the detailed presentation.  Each figure was colored using artist oil paint thinned with boiled linseed oil and a final finish of Deft, a brushing lacquer. Both figures were glued to a basswood base with a small screw through the bottom of the base. “QUAKER MEETING” was carve into the base with the tip end of a carving knife and felt was glued to the bottom of the base.







As the old kids song goes, “Quakers Meeting has begun, no laughing, no talking, no chewing of bubble gum…..” May this Quaker Meeting bring peace in the silence of observation.






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