FIREHOUSE 3 ~ Second Time Around

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This fireman is a “second time around” of carving a second fireman of similar design to the first Firehouse 3 Fireman.

Every carving project is a practice piece. It has been said over and over again until it has become an adage of instruction, “Practice makes perfect.” However, seldom does practice actually creates perfection.  The more correct result is “PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS.” The only way a person learns to carve is to carve and the more a person carves the better one carves ~ in other words, MAKES PROGRESS.  It is from personal experience that the Wood Bee Carver has often suggested as a learning tool that once a carver has carved one project to then turn around and carve that project for a second time. What was learned while carving the project the first time will guide the carver in the carving the project the second time by learning to make subtle improvements in design, appearance and technique of skill.  The second time around is the next step in making progress.

The photo gallery below will show the finished presentation of this Second Time Around Fireman which can be compared with the first version by clicking on FIREHOUSE 3 Fireman. The subtle changes include the head turned a little more to his right and he has a soberer smile compared with the toothy grin of the first fireman



Carving a project, the “second time around” is to Practice Makes Progress.


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