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“Firehouse 3” is a first attempt at carving a fireman figure.  The beginning process is to imagine what a fireman looks like along with studying various images of carved firemen to come up with a preliminary design for a carving. The imaginary image includes the fireman’s helmet, bulky and heavy water-resistant coat and trousers along with heavy boots. Next would come equipment such as an axe, fire hose, megaphone, fire hydrant and ladder.  Next comes the refining of all these elements into the simplest depiction that would say “this is a fireman.” The fireman’s helmet crowns the carved figure with the undeniable statement of identity while adding the fire axe and the heavy boots will add just enough to the overall outfit to distinguish the fireman effect.  The red suspenders attached to the bulky trousers add to the effect of making the figure more interesting as it stands in a relaxed pose of either before and after suiting up for the fire run.

The photographic gallery below is of the finished Fireman of FIREHOUSE 3 which will then be followed by a progressive gallery of the fireman’s various stages of development.



The progressive gallery begins with a six inch tall by inch and three quarters square block of basswood and the first shaping is carving the head portion into a dowel shape followed by carving the basic form of the helmet and then the head going up into the helmet.


After the helmet and head have been carved to basic form with the shoulders established, then the body portion receive guide line drawings for the waist, knees and feet located so that the arms, chest and legs can be drawn to guide the next stage of shaping the body to basic form.  The opening for the inner part of the legs is achieved by making repeated slicing cuts of  a V shaped channel working from the front and the back until there is an opening to continue the shaping procedure.



The next series of photos depict the continues progress of shaping the body area to the basic form which will eventually be refined with detailed carving slicing cuts.



The next three photos depict the progress of shaping the back side with the suspenders taking shape, the hand resting of the axe hear and the boxy form of hand holding the front suspender.

The next series of photos depict the basic form and shape of the head as it fits up into the helmet and the foundation of the face being shaped to receive the eyes, nose, mustache and mouth with teeth showing a grin. Note the barrel shape under the nose area to receive the mustache, mouth with toothy grin and chin.





The first four photos below Are ofthe fireman almost ready to receive detail carving cuts which will be followed by six photos showing the fireman carved in detail ready for the painting stage.



The beginning phase of any carving in an imagination of the subject with the end result of the finished carving as being an interpretation of that imagination.  Every carving is practice ~ a “Practice Making Progress.”



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