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Don said of the four photos above ~ I carved two 2″ X 3″ blocks to be part of the Buckeye Roundup auction. One has 2 Fireman and the other has 2 Cowboys. I used the same face carving techniques as in my Carving Biker Dudes book. After carving some Cowboys I used the same pattern and carved the Fireman.”

Woodcarving friend Don Worley has been gracious in the past to provide photos and written comments and directions for blog postings on his No-See-Ums and his Biker Dudes.  His classes are always a favorite for his creative carving projects and his soft approach of teaching with good humor.  When I asked him what he has been carving during the sheltering at home during the pandemic, he was kind enough to send me a few of his latest projects for inclusion in this blog.  One of the themes he uses to describe his motivation for carving his uniquely creative projects is that after doing one, it becomes “addictive” to continue to carve more with variety of personalities of similar genre.  This small sampling gives the viewer plenty to look over and be inspired to try carving a similar project.

The next four photos are refrigerator magnets carved in the style of the Biker Dudes.  Don promises to share a how-to blog entry in the near future on how to carve these cowboys and firemen.  Thanks Don for your generosity of creative energy in and through your carving and for being an all-around nice fellow who is a friend to carvers near and far.

To see an earlier posting on Worley’s art, click on this hot link ~ DON WORLEY Carved “Dudes on Steroids.”

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