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SAGE OF THE ROADSage of the Road is a hobo carving that is serving as a model for another hobo carving of Rube who will be carved out of the basswood block standing behind Sage of the Road. The block is five inches tall by two and a half inches square.  Hobos are nostalgic and romantic figures of a by-gone era that some call the “good ole days.”

Hobos began around the American Civil War and were itinerant labors who traveled all over the country in search of adventure as well as work.  It has been said that a “hobo is one who travels for work, a tramp travels but will not work and a bum neither travels nor works.”  Some say that the term “hobo” is a shortened version of “hoe boy” or an itinerant farm laborer who carried his hoe with his bindle bag tied to the hoe handle.  Read the rest of this entry »