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mountain manmountain man 2

A commission to carve two Mountain Men just alike using a photograph of a clay sculpture of a mountain man became a welcome challenge. Every carving project is a learning piece with its own built in challenges. One challenge during the planning and imagining stage is to make the transition of carving a three dimensional figure based upon a two dimensional image with only one view. Three dimensional is to see the project with an “in the round perspective” while a two dimensional image is a “flat perspective.” Another challenge is to try to keep the carving as close to the original image that was a clay sculpture which means two mediums “clay” and “wood” create different surface textures and color renditions. Read the rest of this entry »


UNCLE SAM ~ Theme Knife

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Helvie DaytonHelvie DaytonHelvie Dayton

One of the Artistry in Wood banquet raffle prizes is a commemorative Helvie Knife and knife holder using the theme of Uncle Sam. This project was a collaborative effort between Don Stephenson, artist, Rich Smithson, Helvie Knife Maker and Don Mertz, carver of knife holder. Read the rest of this entry »


AIW Banquet Raffle Prize

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                                    Helvie Dayton

Artistry in Wood Show, Dayton, OH, November 14 and 15 will host a banquet on Saturday night which will include Raffle Prizes. One of those prizes is a Helvie Knife made by Rich Smithson who also wood burned the art design on the cherry handle. He utilized the art drawing ideas of Uncle Sam drawn by Don Stephenson of the Dayton Carving Club. The Uncle Sam knife holder was carved by the Wood Bee Carver, Don Mertz. Read the rest of this entry »



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Helvie open        Helvie intermedate      Helvie beginners

The Helvie Knife Competition was judged at the Renegade Carving Seminar in Lebanon, TN by Steve  Brown and Jon Nelson.  Pictured above are the winning entries. The left photo are the winners in Open Class who were (left to right) First: Myron Compton; Second: Mark Akers; Third: Bob Hersey. Middle photo are the winners in Intermediate Class who were (left to right) First: Fred Nahlen; Second: Kathleen Mankinen; Third: Kerry Richard. The right photo are the winners in the Beginners Class who were (left to right) First: Mary K. Peterson; Second: John R. Munter; Third: Scott Boyle.

Helvie judges        helvie judges 2      helvie judges 3 

Judges Steve Brown and John Nelson had their hands and minds full of decisions to make from the abundant entries of knife handles carved from all over the country.  Thanks to Rich, Holli and Skylar Smithson of Helvie Knives who sponsor this fun competition and all who participated.



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Skylar and Don

On July 19, 2015 at the Eastern Woodland Woodcarving Show in Converse, IN, the winning ticket for the Helvie raffle of a presentation box containing twenty one Wood Bee Carver Signature Series knives and a Whittle-Doodle carved by the Wood Bee Carver was won by Farley Baker of Morrow, Ohio. Many people purchased raffle tickets in this fund raiser for Juvenile Diabetes Research with the end result of $1850 for this worthy cause. Holli Smithson of Helvie Knives posted on Facebook the photo below along with the report of the total raised.

Our raffle this year went the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation and we proudly raised $1350! Rich Smithson place of employment, Walmart DC # 7055, also kicked in an additional $500! For a grand total of $1850!!! In the picture is not one, but two, of Tipton’s finest; Officers Dylan Dietrick and Robert Nunemacher along with our Skylar Smithson and fellow type 1 diabetic Eli Dollens. Thanks to all who participated!


Helvie Fund Raiser

Helvie Knives is own and operated by Rich, Hollie and Skylar Smithson and besides making high quality carving knives they are very generous in supporting a variety of worthwhile causes. Thanks for your generosity Helvie Knives.






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Stropping by hand on a leather strop impregnated with an abrasive compound of choice is all that is needed to keep any of the WOOD BEE CARVER Signature Series knives made by HELVIE KNIVES tuned up and ready to carve. Read the rest of this entry »



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                          Skylar and Don

Skylar Smithson and Don Mertz stand behind the presentation box of 21 Wood Bee Carver Signature Knives made by HELVIE KNIVES  and a Whittle Doodle carved by Don Mertz that was awarded to Farley Baker of Morrow, Ohio in the raffle drawing at the Eastern Woodland Carving Club Show, July 19, 2015 in Converse, IN.  Even thought there were hundreds of raffle tickets purchased for this fund raiser for Childhood Diabetes Research, yet only one ticket could win the box of knives.  However, everyone who purchased a ticket is a winner in that each donation will provide necessary funds for the research for helping children with diabetes.  Thanks to Rich and Holli Smithson for their generous donation of the twenty one knives and beautifully wood burned lid of the presentation box.  Together, all who participated in this project is a winner.  THANK YOU!!!!



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Dragon KnifeDragon II Knife

Dragon Bee and Dragon BEE II knives are the latest edition of the Wood Bee Carver Signature Series knives made by Helvie Knives (765-675-8811). Each knife hosts a scimitar shaped blade in a pistol shaped handle. Read the rest of this entry »