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DON AND BONNIE WORLEYDON WORLEY AT CARVING DISPLAY TABLEDon Worley is pictured here along with is wife Bonnie at the Miami Valley Wood Carving Show in Middletown, Ohio in March, 2009.  Don is the creator of the popular NO SEE-UMS that are on display in the second photograph.  Notice also that his carving display table contains many other caricature carvings including the caricature horse in the top left corner of the table.  A carved caricature horse will play an important part in the next disclosure of Don Worley.

Apparently Don has too much time on his hands or better judgement has given away to playfulness.  Besides carving, Don plays around with photographic manipulation to create humorous photos.  Evidence of this is his latest creation called “WORLEY’S SEE-2-MUCH” of a photograph in which he took a horse caricature carving and a caricature of a country doctor and planted my face on the doc’s shoulders.

WORLEY’S SEE-2-MUCH OF DOC MERTZDon Worley calls this creation “Doc Mertz and Beans.”  “Beans” is the horse’s name as in “Pinto Beans” while a photographic face of Don Mertz has been planted on a caricature carving of a country doctor, thus the name, “Doc Mertz.”

Who knows where WORLEY’S SEE-2-MUCH will turn up next and who will be his  next victim.  Who and when will only create good natured fun and enliven the friendship that wood carvers relish because “friends like this are not worth two cents, they are priceless.” Thank you Don Worley for “WORLEY’S SEE-2-MUCH.”

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