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Half Pint           Half Pint 024          Half Pint 025Half Pint 032          Half Pint 033          Half Pint 034Half Pint 035          Half Pint 036          Half Pint 037

Whittle Half Pints are three inch tall figures that are carved a half inch to a foot scale. They begin as an inch square by three inch tall block of basswood.

Using the Rule of Three for Facial Proportions and Body Proportions, each figure is carved in the motif of “exaggerated realism of caricature.” The head and face are exaggerated in size in order to capture the attention of the viewer. After seeing the face the viewer will look at the other features of the carving to determine what kind of character is being portrayed.

A visual study of the photographs will observe the “carved textures” that create “color of movement.” Notice also that the shoes are carved larger than usual for the purpose of strength due to the cross grain weakness where the shoe narrows in front of the ankle.

Half Pint 026          Half Pint 027          Half Pint 028Half Pint 029          Half Pint 030          Half Pint 031Half Pint 038          Half Pint 040          Half Pint 042Half Pint 039          Half Pint 041          Half Pint 043

Each one is carved using only a knife in the Whittle-Carving style that creates a lot of movement in the overall pose and posture as well as the design that incorporates the “S” Rule. Notice the characters that are holding a cane or walking stick that has been carved crooked to emulate the “S” Rule. Slice and Roll knife blade cuts allows for making flowing lines in the folds, flare and wrinkles of the clothing.

The finish is a one color monochrome stain using artist oil paint Raw Sienna color that is mixed with boiled linseed oil. The choice of the monochrome finish is to highlight the carved facets on the carving that allows the texture add color to the overall carving.

Half Pint 044          Half Pint 045          Half Pint 046Half Pint 047          Half Pint 048          Half Pint 049Half Pint 050          Half Pint 051          Half Pint 052Half Pint 053Half Pint 054Half Pint 055Half Pint 056Half Pint 057          Half Pint 058          Half Pint 059Half Pint 060          Half Pint 061          Half Pint 062Half Pint 063          Half Pint 064          Half Pint 065Half Pint 066          Half Pint 067          Half Pint 068

The Affiliated Woodcarvers International Congress competition has changed the Miniature Class to include three inch carvings, so these Half Pints besides being “half scale” can also be considered “Miniature” is some carving circles.

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