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Trolls are imaginary characters who came into existence through the imagination of ancient story tellers. The visual likeness of trolls is based upon the verbal descriptions in these old stories.  WHITTLE FOLK TROLLS are a carver’s imagination carved into a three-inch-tall by inch and a half square block of basswood and are carved using only carving knives.

Whittle Folk Trolls are the subject of an instructional description for carving Whittle Folk Trolls that is available as a PDF document located under the heading BEE HIVE in the far-right column of this blog under the title WHITTLE FOLK TROLLS. Trolls will be one of the carving projects that the WOOD BEE CARVER will teach at the Buckeye Woodcarvers Roundup ~ July 25 -28 near Piqua, Ohio ~







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