WHITTLE FOLK GEEZERS – Gentlemen of Distinction

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WHITTLE FOLK GEEZERS - Gentlemen of DistinctionBARTHOLOMEWEDGARCONRADGILBERTOLIVERThese Whittle Folk Geezers are Five Gentlemen Geezers whose tall and stately stature give them the distinction of being respected for what they have experienced in life.

Each is carved out of a one inch square by five inch tall block of bass wood and are colored with artist oil paint mixed with boiled linseed oil.  Whittle Folk are carved only with a knife using an “exaggerated realism” style. 

Notice that each is carved with a sense of movement utilizing a gentle and flowing elongated “S” curve in posture, draping of the clothing, the turn of the head  and the positions of the hands.  They each wear a “badge of courage” in their white hair that covers part of a balding head while their bow ties give them a flair of the whimsy of everlasting youthfulness.

These Old Geezers have stories to tell, so listen closely as there are no lies, only an embellishment of the truth, for all things are true if one believes the truth.

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