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WHITTLE FOLK CLASSIC - Native AmericanWHITTLE FOLK CLASSIC - Native AmericanWHITTLE FOLK CLASSIC - Native AmericanWHITTLE FOLK CLASSIC - Native AmericanThe Native American is a popular carving subject that requires an on going research on the subject by studying photographs and reading books about and by Native Americans to get inside the spirit of these noble and spiritual people.  All too often our perception has been based upon the stereotype of the movies and white men’s prejudice. 

There are several good carving books about carving Native American subjects and seminars taught by knowledgeable wood carving teachers.  Facial features of the Native American have characteristics that need to be incorporated in the carving as well as studying their dress and decorations.  Once again it becomes an exercise in “exaggerated realism” with artistic license that uses the best of research to make the carving as true to reality as possible.

This WHITTLE FOLK CLASSIC is a larger version of many smaller carvings done over the years of a similar pose.   The designs on the breech cloth were found by making a Google search on the Internet of “Native American design and symbols” with several options offered.  These were penciled onto the carved breech cloth and then wood burned to provide the design outline for painting.  The tips of the feathers were also wood burned as were highlights on the bone pipe  necklace and breast plate.

The face and hands were colored with burnt sienna and the buckskin was colored with raw umber following the method described in an earlier post on December 10, 2007 about painting softly.  A peace pipe is cradled in the left arm and the Native American is looking off into the distance with hope in his eyes.  Carving Native Americans is an educational experience and is a way to honor a noble people from whom we could learn a lot.

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