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Lucky the PirateLucky the PirateLucky the PirateLucky the PirateLucky the PirateThe inspiration to carve Lucky the Pirate came from the following story about an aged pirate who walked into a tavern and the bar keep said, “Well, Old Timer, it looks like you have been through it.”  “Yes I have, but I’ve always been lucky,” says Lucky the Pirate. 

“Tell me,” the bar keep asks, “how did you loose your leg?”  “It was the very first time I was out pirating.  We were on the high seas and got into a battle with the Spanish navy.  A cannon ball came across the deck of the ship and took my leg off, but  I was lucky,” says Lucky the Pirate.

“That’s too bad, so tell me then, how did you loose your hand?” the bar keep asks.  Lucky continues, “It was the second time I was out pirating.  I had just learned to walk with my wooden leg really good and we were on the high seas and got into a battle with the British navy.  The battle was thick and heavy as the ships came side by side and we jumped over on the other deck fighting hand to hand and then I lost my hand.”

“Ouch, that’s too bad.” said the bar keep.  “Tell me, how did you loose your eye?”  “Well,” Lucky draws, “it was my third time out pirating.  We had not even left the harbor. It was a beautiful day and I was walking on deck looking up at the cloudless, blue sky when a sea gull flew over and dropped a dropping in my eye.”

“That blinded you?” inquired the bar keep.  “Naw, first day with the hook,” exclaimed Lucky, “but I have always been lucky.”

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