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WHITTLE DWARFS are whittle (small) whimsical carvings adapted from the magical art world of my good friend Don Stephenson. His drawings of three Dwarf Wizards serve as a backdrop in the photograph of the two Whittle-Carved Whittle Dwarfs. Whittle Dwarfs began as a one and three quarter inch tall by one inch square block of basswood and are whittled into the basic form of Don Stephenson’s drawings.  There eyes are covered by their head covering reminiscent of Don Worley’s “No See-Ums” face creations.  These Whittle Dwarfs are fun to carve, cute to have sitting around on a table or shelf, lend themselves to whimsical imagination and utilize those little scraps of wood that are too good to throw away.

The photographic journey  below will show a few examples of the simplicity of carving design  as well as the imaginative trail to follow in creating Whittle Dwarfs by any carver who would like to have a little fun with a small piece of basswood and a carving knife.


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