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Whittle Dwarfs came into existence in 2011 by artist Don Stephenson who drew a few examples as carving ideas for the Wood Bee Carver.  The first dwarfs were based upon these original drawings by Don Stephenson.

Carving ideas, however, have a way of growing into variations of the original concept to take on a life of their own.  Whittle Dwarfs are continuing to evolve with each new carving of these whimsical carving.

The photographic gallery begins with the most recent Whittle Dwarfs followed in descending order earlier carvings of these Dwarfs.

.  At the end of the gallery is a photo of the opening page of an article written for Volume 5 of Woodcarving Illustrated WHITTLING issue. The final photo is a photo of the cover page of a PDF entitled “Whittle Dwarf Tutorial” found under the heading BEE HIVE in the right column of this blog.


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