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WHITTLE DWARFS are whimsical carvings in a one inch square by inch and half tall basswood block. Dwarfs are carved with two feet sticking out underneath the chin of the large head and eyes are covered with the bill or brim of the hat. Each one is a little different from any other of similar pose. Using only a knife to shape each dwarf allows for the texture of the whittled facets to give color to each carving while Howard Feed-n-Wax provides the protective finish. Whittling has always been viewed as a relaxing style of carving and is a fun way to relax. As my good whittling friend Billy Stephens said in an original saying, “There is never a dull moment with a sharp knife and a piece of wood,” Whittle Dwarfs are a fun way to whittle away time in a care free manner.

21 Whittle Dwarfs will make their appearance at the Miami Valley Woodcarving Show ~ March 2 and 3 at Middletown, OH ~ Christ United Methodist Church ~ Corner of Grand Avenue and Marshall Road.

Click on this link ~“Whittle Dwarf Tutorial” ~ to see instructions for carving Whittle Dwarfs.

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