WHITTLE DOODLE for Helvie Charity Raffle

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Whittle Doodle The photograph of the WHITTLE DOODLE is presented here as an introduction to a special contribution by HELVIE KNIVES. Each year Rich, Holli and Skylar Smithson of Helvie Knives make a significant contribution to a charity raffle by providing a presentation box of Helvie knives as the raffle prize.

This year, 2015, they will donate all the WOOD BEE CARVER Signature Knives made by HELVIE KNIVES in a cherry presentation box decorated with the art work of Don Stephenson that is wood burned by Rich Smithson. The WOOD BEE CARVER has carved a commemorative Whittle Doodle to be included with all the knives in the presentation box. In the very near future an official announcement will be made about the recipient of the charity gift as well as information of how to purchase raffle tickets and the date of the raffle drawing.

Thanks to the Smithson family for their generosity of love and compassion in this very unique way of sharing the heart and soul behind their knife making business. HELVIE KNIVES.

[Photo composition by Carole Williams ~ webmaster of www.daytoncarvers.com]

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