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Whittle Doodles are an exercise of imaginative free hand carving in a block of wood using only knives to carve a variety of whimsical subjects in the round, shallow and deep relief, chip carving and incised carving in a Whittle-Carving style.  The blocks of wood used can be a variety of sizes from an inch square up to a four-inch square by fifteen inches tall.  In this latest version called “Whittle Doodle Extreme” the basswood block measures eleven inches tall by just shy of four inches square. The term “extreme” describes both the size and the variety of carved subjects and styles of carving using only knives to do the carving.

The first photo gallery will display the Whittle Doodle Extreme in its various sides and then the various individual scenes of the corresponding sides for a close-up view.  The second photo gallery will show some of the scenes during the carving process with a variety of the knives and blade shapes used in the carving of those areas.





Next are close up of the faces on the top of the Whittle Doodle.



Next are top view and individual scenes of the side panels.




The carving progressive stages begin with the basswood block being opened up with the progression of the four heads facing the corners of the block.





The next series of photos are of the side panel scenes and some of the knives used during the carving of these scenes.  The first two are of the Army insignia patches with the punch awl used to stipple the background of the designs.


Next begins with the two scenes of the Indian on a horse followed by the hillbilly with jug and rifle. Next comes the man stuck inside the block followed by the “Kilroy was here” image. Finally, are three scenes of the man raising the man hole cover and one of the toothless face and the pirate.




The last photo is an interpretation of “Full Moon” by Polish artist Mieczyslaw Wojtkowski who graciously gave me permission to adapt his original creation.  He is one of my favorite carving artists who inspires my own creativity in a more humbler manner.

An additional tour of previous Whittle Doodles can be viewed by clicking on “WHITTLE DOODLES” under the “CATEGORIES” of this blog.



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