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The purpose of a Whittle Doodle is to demonstrate what can be carved using only a knife in Whittle-Carving style. Doodling with a knife is an adventure of imagination shaping a block of wood with a variety of carving themes and subjects.

Two WHITTLE DOODLES are showcased here.

The first is a Miniature Whittle Doodle that received a blue ribbon in the Miniature Class competition of the recent International Woodcarving Congress. The block of basswood measures an inch and a quarter square by two inches tall with carvings of the four sides and chip carving on the top.

whitttle doodle mini                   whitttle doodle mini           whitttle doodle mini              whitttle doodle mini                                                 whitttle doodle mini

The second Whittle Doodle is a segment for a Friendship Cane that will be raffled at the Buckeye Round Up July 22 – 25 at Poor Farmers Campground near Piqua, Ohio. The block of basswood measures two inches square by three inches tall. A face is carved in each side of the four sided square with chip carving embellishing the side and top corners. [A visit to the CATEGORY “Whittle Doodles” will show a variety of Whittle Doodles that have been carved over the years.]

whitttle doodle mini whitttle doodle mini 002whitttle doodle mini 003whitttle doodle mini 004whitttle doodle mini 005whitttle doodle mini 006whitttle doodle mini 007whitttle doodle mini 008


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