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Whittle Doodle Doods  are the result of doodling with a knife. The fifty Doodle Doods pictured in this album are the end result of learning demonstrations for carving a Plane Face to learn the A, B, C’s of Face Carving.  They are assembled with five faces attached together in a handy study grouping with eight photographs for each grouping.

Doodle Doods 001Doodle Doods 002Doodle Doods 003Doodle Doods 004Doodle Doods 005Doodle Doods 006Doodle Doods 007Doodle Doods 008


Doodle Doods 009Doodle Doods 010Doodle Doods 011Doodle Doods 012Doodle Doods 013Doodle Doods 014Doodle Doods 015Doodle Doods 016


Doodle Doods 017Doodle Doods 018Doodle Doods 019Doodle Doods 020Doodle Doods 021Doodle Doods 022Doodle Doods 023Doodle Doods 024


Doodle Doods 025Doodle Doods 026Doodle Doods 027Doodle Doods 028Doodle Doods 029Doodle Doods 030Doodle Doods 031Doodle Doods 032


Doodle Doods 033Doodle Doods 034Doodle Doods 035Doodle Doods 036Doodle Doods 037Doodle Doods 038Doodle Doods 039Doodle Doods 040


Doodle Doods 041Doodle Doods 042Doodle Doods 043Doodle Doods 044Doodle Doods 045Doodle Doods 046Doodle Doods 047Doodle Doods 048


Doodle Doods 049Doodle Doods 050Doodle Doods 051Doodle Doods 052Doodle Doods 053Doodle Doods 054Doodle Doods 055Doodle Doods 056


Doodle Doods 057Doodle Doods 058Doodle Doods 059Doodle Doods 060Doodle Doods 061Doodle Doods 062Doodle Doods 063Doodle Doods 064


Doodle Doods 065Doodle Doods 066Doodle Doods 067Doodle Doods 068Doodle Doods 069Doodle Doods 070Doodle Doods 071Doodle Doods 072


Doodle Doods 073Doodle Doods 074Doodle Doods 075Doodle Doods 076Doodle Doods 077Doodle Doods 078Doodle Doods 079Doodle Doods 080

Doodling is often thought of as an exercise in doing nothing to counteract boredom or to idle away time.  Actually doodling is the creative urge within each of us that seeks to escape through the cracks of relaxed and unplanned creative activity.  Doodling is the precursor of the artist’s sketch book, the writer’s idea journal and the day dreamer’s mental planning.  For the carver, doodling with a knife is the exercise of creative practicing.  Like all doodling activity which begins as a fun release of creative pent up energy, doodling leads to refining those doodles into worthwhile learning experiences on the journey of creating an art form.  The more one doodles the better the growth and awareness of creative energy bubbling forth in freedom of expression.

The first intent is to study the carved faces as examples of the variety of faces that can be carved from the beginning opening up exercise.  The greater intent is to encourage carvers to doodle faces on their own journey of letting each face carved be a learning experience.  Practice carving faces is to experience, “the more one carves the better one carves.”  Every face carved is a practice piece and a learning piece that allows creative energy to bubble through the cracks of the creative urge within each of us.




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