WHITTLE DOODLE ~ Buzz Bee and Busy Bee Knives

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Whittle Doodles are doodling with a knife in a block of wood to carve a variety of subjects and themes as a demonstration of carvings done using only a knife.  Whimsical in nature and yet a way to illustrate the art and practice of carving in a small and restricted area.  This Whittle Doodle was carved using two experimental knives whose design is being tested.  The basswood block measures two-inch square by three inches tall. Artist oil paint color raw sienna was mixed with boiled linseed oil for the colored stain which was followed with a coat of Deft brushing lacquer.

IMG_1966                        IMG_1964

IMG_1965                         IMG_1963

The face with glasses illustrates a high relief carving in which the background is lowered and the face is raised away from the block of wood.  The face with the beard and bushy hair is “low relief” in that the face recessed in the block of wood.  The Indian face and the old man with a cane are relief carvings inside the block of wood in their own boxed in area.

The photo with the knives show the two knives used to carve this Whittle Doodle.  The knife on top of the Doodle is the BUZZ BEE proto type knife and the other knife at the bottom of the Doodle is the BUSY BEE proto type knife.  Both are being tested and may be considered to join the WOOD BEE CARVER Signature Series of knives made by HELVIE KNIVES.  In any event the knives are very versatile in make the variety of slicing cuts and hold promise.  Stay tuned for any future announcement.

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