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The WOOD BEE CARVER has always been fascinated with the carving of faces by attempting to make each face have a personality of its own.  This Whittle Doodle Block Heads carving was carved in a two-inch square by inch tall block of basswood.

Eight individual faces and one skull was carved as can be seen in the panorama photos below.



Each carving of a face is a learning experience or a practice carving where learning takes place. Early in the practice and learning stage it is essential to establish a good foundation for a face.  Using the Rule of Three of Facial Proportions is the blueprint for laying out a good foundation.  The length of a face is divided into three proportions and the width of a face is equal to two of those proportions.  The Rule of Three for length of face is Hairline to Eyebrow, Eyebrow to Tip of Nose and Tip of Nose to Bottom of Chin. Within these proportions the face has angles and planes that enhance the shape of the face.  Into this basic form or foundation of the face, the details of the face can be added to bring personality to the foundation. All faces, however, have the same basic foundation upon which the face takes on personality.  As faces are practiced and learning occurs then face carving takes on a life of its own in the creative process.  Doodling Block Heads is one way of continuing to exercise this learning process. The reward becomes a finished carving with a variety of faces on one block of wood that tells a story.

Whittle Doodles are carved using only knives to carve and the photos below show some of the knives used in carving miniature faces.  Also pictured are two more blocks that have one head carved in each block to indicate that these block heads are not carved all at the same time.  Rather, each face is carved at random times of creative energy and inspiration to keep it a fun and relaxing activity. The key is to follow where imagination and the slice of the knife travels to bring another face to life.





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