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Whittle Doodle Block Heads 2 was carved in a basswood block measuring two inches square and seven eights inch tall.  Eight heads were carver around the four sides with a skull carved in the center.  Newly made OTHER KNIVES for Miniature Carving were used to carve each head at random times over a period of a few days.  The time in between the actual carving was used to imagine what faces to carve next.  This “imagination” time is an essential time for any carving project while following the “Imagination Rule: if it can be imagined it can be.”

Follow the panorama photo tour abound the block to study each miniature face that measures five eighth inch wide by seven eighth tall.



Whittle Doodles are carved using only knives to carve and the photos below show some the knives used in carving miniature faces.


Faces are doodle carved at random times of creative energy and inspiration to keep it a fun and relaxing activity.  The key is to follow where imagination and the slice of the knife travels to bring another face to life. Another face is always hiding in the shadows of the mirror of creativity awaiting the next carving session to meet the carver face to face.




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