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Whittle DoodleWhittle Doodle

A Whittle Doodle is doodling with a knife to decorate a block of wood with free hand Whittle Carvings. Since it is doodling there is no preset plan or overall design for the random carvings done to fill in the spaces in a block of wood.

This Whittle Doodle is a Friendship Cane segment for the Miami Valley Wood Carving Club’s raffle for their carving show March 7 and 8. A face is carved on each of the four sides of the block with the corners embellished with free hand chip carving designs. The finish is artist oil paint Raw Sienna thinned with boiled linseed oil followed by a coat of Deft. The block measures three inch square by four inches tall.

Whittle DoodleWhittle DoodleWhittle DoodleWhittle DoodleWhittle DoodleWhittle Doodle

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