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Whittle Doodles are the carving a variety of faces and objects into a block of basswood using only knives. This version began as a six-inch-tall by three-inch square block.  It was also personalized for a carving friend who is a pastor in North Carolina as will be seen on one side of the block.  As a doodle, what is carved comes about in random imagination making each Whittle Doodle unique and one of a kind.

The first series of photos are of the completed Whittle Doodle.





The second series of photos will be the progression of each carved section along with the knives used during each phase.






The knives used to carve this Whittle Doodle are the Other Knives made by the Wood Bee Carver for personal use.  The blades are from old pocket knives, reshaped and sharpened by personal design as well as the handles the design of the Wood Bee Carver who also doodles with knife making.




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