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WHITE EAGLE STUDIOS  is a center of creativity in the heart and mind of Michael Keller of Chelan, Washington.  He carves in a most unique style of carving art.  Michael is also an artist with words as he describes the passion of his art through his web log and the gallery in his web site is like a tour through an art museum.  We became  friends by way of the Internet in that upon reading several of his woodcarving essays on a Lake Chelan web news site I made it a point to make contact with him.  He became the first entry in this site’s Amazing Discoveries on the Internet  and is the author who coined the word “carveful” and “carvefully.”  He and I share a common bond as woodcarvers that is uncanny in that even though we have never met personally it seems like we have been friends forever.  He is an inspiration to me as well as to the group of carvers who gather at his studio periodically and those who are regular visitors to his web log.

Recently he honored me by posting on his web log an interview we did over the telephone and through  memory of numerous emails over the  last few years.  Upon visiting  his site listed below one will discover Michael’s unique gift of creating art with words.  White Eagle Studios-Don Mertz

Eagles are one of Michael’s favorite carving subjects along with Northwest Indian art motifs.  The Eagle in the photo above was carved out of Brazilian Walnut as a commission piece.  The photographs that follow are examples of his carving gift.
Make a visit to WHITE EAGLE STUDIOS   for a more complete tour of the creative soul of Michael Keller, my woodcarving friend who is CARVEFULLY skilled.  Thank you Michael for your friendship.
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