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The VIPER III is the third and smallest version of the VIPER series of the Wood Bee Carver Signature Series.  The design of the curved cutting edge and the downward angle of the snaking shape of the blade allows it to snake its slicing action into areas difficult to reach. Even though the one inch small blade has all the appearance of a “detail knife” yet it is an “all purpose” carving knife.  The small radius of the curved cutting edge slices smaller chip removal than a larger radius blade while still being capable to removing a lot of wood in the shaping process in a small package. It is very versatile when carving small carving projects as well as being functional for taking small cuts in the shaping of a larger carving project.  Once the carving project is carved to its basic form, the VIPER III continues to carve in the details with precise slicing cuts.  The accompanying photos are examples of VIPER III used to carve each completely using only this one knife.

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The Wood Bee Carver suggests that the VIPER III would be an excellent choice for the first purchase of any of the WOOD BEE CARVER Signature Series knives made by HELVIE KNIVES.   Even though any of the other knives in the series would be a good introduction into learning to carve with a curved cutting edged knife, yet the VIPER III is a very versatile carving knife.  The more one carves with a curved cutting edge in a slicing action that much more the carver will come to appreciate “slicing” as the way to carve.  The VIPER III is an excellent slicing knife.  The pistol shaped handle fits comfortably in the palm of the hand that can  maneuver the knife in the guidance of the snaking action of the cutting edge as it reaches into the tightest of areas to be carved.

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The other two knives in the VIPER series, the VIPER with a large blade and the VIPER II with a medium blade complement the VIPER III in a three knife set to accomplish most Whittle-Carving projects of varying size.  One size blade shape will not fit all carving possibilities because the radius of slicing cut changes with each size of the blades.  The carver chooses the size of blade to accomplish that task at hand.  Keep in mind that the tip end of all knife blades are equal for doing “detail cuts” while it is the belly of the blade length and size that determines the size of the chip removed.

To learn more about any of the knives mentioned here, visit the “Knives” Category on this blog along with the “Helvie Knife Guide” listed under “Cool Links.”  To order any of the Helvie Signature Series Knives go to “HELVIE KNIVES” under “Cool Links” or call 765-675-8811.

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