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Vintage Views are nostalgic views of early carving projects of a carving journey begun around 1975 as a budding hobby rekindling childhood memories of whittling as a playful activity of creative exercises of imagination.  Many of these early projects were done in a casual schedule of spontaneous inspiration in a slow methodical process of learning while doing by shaping a block of wood with a knife. Many have not been seen in public other than at “show and tell” at carving club meetings and reflect early attempts of doing the best one could do at the time with the level of skill and design reflective of growing with experience.

The projects depicted in this gallery represent carving projects that were carved between 1985 and 2000. “Red Hawk” sculpture was carved as a gift to oldest son upon graduation from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio using traditional sculpturing carving tools (a rarity for this Whittle-Carver who carved mainly using knives.) This carving along with the ones depicted in the gallery that follows are rarely viewed by the public other that here in Vintage View.


Red Man carved in Red Gum wood as a study carving ~ natural finish of Deft.



Buffalo Man carved in Mahogany with sculpture carving tools as a study carving.


Indian bust carved in Mahogany in Whittle-Carving style.


Indian bust Whittle-Carved in Basswood and colored with oil paints.


Indian face carved in Basswood knotty wood with wax finish.


Whittle-Carved in Basswood ~ no finish.





Indian bust Whittle-Carved in Basswood limb.  These Vintage carvings are examples of “Every carving project is practice for the next project,” as each serves as a practice piece to learn while carving as “Practice makes progreess.”

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